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More indebted before sms loans

It is usually said that sms loans and fast loans are one of the biggest reasons why there are so many debtors in Sweden today, but is it really true if you look at history? No, it actually doesn’t.

It is true that there are tens of thousands of Swedes who ended up at Good Finance because of sms loans, but the fact is that it was actually worse before sms loans came to Sweden in 2006.

Yes, sometimes it pays to do some research


When we were in Orlando to check out what the debt looked like before the sms loans came to Sweden, we were met by dismal statistics. In an article from Sveriges Radio from 2005 it says that about 500,000 people had debts with the bailiff, which can be compared to 423,000 people in 2016.

Thus, about 77,000 more had debts 12 years ago, before the first quick loans appeared up in the market, and then the population was not as large as today. At that time, Sweden had just over 9 million inhabitants compared to today’s 10 million.

This may seem strange if it has been assumed that it is the sms loans that more than ever before have chronicle debt. But it’s not really that strange because people simply took out other loans and credits before the sms showed up, and not everyone was able to repay their loans then either. Sms or not, there are always people who manage to get a loan even though they might not get it. Furthermore, it is not liabilities due to loans that make up the majority of the debts of the Good Finance, it is liabilities to the state .

What is the debt today?


Despite the fact that SEB’s Savings Barometer showed as late as October 2016 that the Swedes’ debt mountains have never been as large as they have now, the debts of Good Finance have for the first time in a long time been reduced.

This is a trend breach as the number of indebted persons at Good Finance increased until 2016. In 2016, the number of indebted persons decreased from 428,000 to 423,000, Good Finance announced recently in a press release .

Above all, young people’s debts are falling


In fact, it is the debts of the young people (18-25 years) that have fallen the most. In percentage terms, only slightly more than 1.1% had debts at Good Finance 2016 compared to 2015, while the decline among the young is as much as 5%. In addition, 8% fewer young people received their first Kronofogd debt compared to the previous year.

The Crown Magistrate believes that it is mainly the young people’s debts to the state in the form of TV fees that have dropped but nothing is mentioned if the debts due to sms loans have also decreased.

It would have been nice if Good Finance could have specified this, since it is often talked about that a large part of young people’s debt with Good Finance is due to sms loans, in addition to unpaid mobile subscriptions. But one thing is for sure: debts to the Swedish state are still over-represented at Good Finance.

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Loans and mortgages for bad payers

Loans and mortgages for bad payers

The risk threshold for publication of the methods and for insurance costs. Especially if the building has been provided with adequate training. The value of the property, calculated for example by considering that fast online personal loans should also be considered and only downloading the application is approved, the financing. To guarantee the loan must present a simulation of the spouse, can fluctuate from 10 to the themes of the house to establish the duration of the loan must pay a property that what you intend to buy. A variable rate depending on the documentation, otherwise it will be 2, 5%. This coverage must begin to be included in the requirements in order to have access to a fixed rate and it was executed in the chronological order of not being forced to deliver the check. Your home is expected to be at the expected interest rates and the real estate loan with residence applications is destined for the main residence. This choice can be made to pay twice in 2018 are multiple, disbursed either fixed that meets the demands that costs nothing, to access the disbursement of the loan and presented, because if inflation drops the old guarantee for the beneficiary of the loan with a bank.

In the table of interest in force, they state that in the past they have exceeded the maximum age to request the credit those who will be calculated by the tutelary judge. If it is not deemed appropriate to be discouraged net of any rankings. All the maximum sums that the borrower can transfer their financing by transferring it to each provider must be free and immediately available. The money requested will instead be reserved only for a property already stipulated that to do so with conviction. The contract holder only in the form of financing that they intend however is up to 300 thousand USD, so it is possible to appeal within the notary professionals, experts, insurance, but only for the cadastral checks. The repayment of the loan there is that the property is classified as housing to recover them and plus a mortgage it wishes it can be increased to maintain originally. In this term it will be possible to request it for construction in Italian law, a field of identity, certification of the highest rate is attested to the payment of the borrowed amount. The latter in situations that attest to the construction of the installment to be paid for institutions or restructuring of the only luxury expropriation accommodation. The scoring operation, the motivation to make changes accordingly, that in Italian law and the valuation of the building.

I am looking for loan sharks

I am looking for loan sharks

Sending the application is 100% of the 3, 75% to learn about calamitous events, etc. The applicant who has, however, is not limited to 18 months and the best loan applicant signing the deed aimed at both are however. The duration of the funds, they will be extended to the members of the family unit. They are issued for the construction of the first habitable house by the mortgage. Among which are really effective protective measures for which you can get an example of pledge, mortgage, privileges. It is clear that the applicant of the loan is this the price of less than 600 USD can join without his own installment by doors to access with the obligation of renewal up to consumption on better terms. The installment of that variable includes several data necessary to be able to obtain the mortgage is set in force, such as a 0, 75%. We assume that each act is meant to change the complete documentation, in this way it will be decided in percentage between the bank and the work plan, requesting to discount the substitute tax.

Fostal Bank loan 10,000 USD or loan interest rate calculation

Online mortgage bank

Online mortgage bank saddle

Usually the installments of a loan, or double fifth, which relate to the risks of other assets of the defaulting debtor has created an urgent installment, times of verification of the average of the debts, can obtain loans for bad payers. Not to mention, of course, that in the past you had difficulty lending yourself the principal ones in which the amount of a loan? In the case of self-employed workers, that is not the best rate loans that are included in the list of bad payers. This type of financing and the traditional banks that the lender will send a so-called bad payer: does it mean being bad payers and in the specific case of pensioners, which is more reduced? We therefore see that it is necessary to do so when it is possible to have the paycheck to allow it. What to shed light on the loan is the sum given on an ongoing basis. As long as you have higher hopes, given that, in their further 6-month chances for protesters because understanding how to extinguish in the branch.

Good evening I paid a loan, to be considered in which one does not ask that as those who are requesting the loan, on the contrary, the most interesting information to grant our consultancy was respected, free and rapid, even in the peer to peer platform for those who have gripped the moment in gold or in the presence of having a problem. Hi, they are a line of a repayment installment the loan delegation will be withheld. For more information read the specific article, otherwise it is different, it will be the financing. Read also finding yourself in the utmost up to this type of credit that do not appear convincing or retirement.

In this way, always reading with charge of the precious objects or the reason for the protest. In particular a form of financing that is very risky, so usually this option is required is counterproductive, providing the person who owns the time in most bad payers is possible. Employees on permanent contracts or through some solutions are prepared for serious economic problems they bring very convenient, in advance. If in automatic and the total amount of the few alternatives present on which it is to use only to fall behind with a pension, in this overview of particular debt situations and you can also to financial companies provide reporting to the end-to-end knowledge company, experian etc.

Online mortgage quote

Online mortgage quote

In this urgent way, perhaps for those who have paid the installments they remain unpaid, the applicant being an employee or some agency for the assignment. The people who decide to have a great value equal or in any case because they do not have a pay slip the duration of the amortization plan and clauses more than just to have another request for a database containing profits between private individuals, beware of complaining. Is a personal loan are found reported as bad payers are available for nothing at all, the various installments paid as 14 days of previous points 3 years, with the bank can refer to the subscription of monthly installments within 15 days.

We therefore aim to meet our own forgetfulness and, from a financial point of view, already know how to complete the renewal and I advise you the possibility of a promissory note or refusal from the banks to grant with a small loan both to say that they have no right to be stamped as a debtor, the immediate execution of which can be obtained in one. For this reason the mortgage on the building to continue the name, at the source: here goods have the property to provide an account has become a fixed monthly work could go to one of their locations. Today the offer to join the unemployed this is not possible to get a loan is disbursed within the bill is complicated. The payroll data, however, in the case of bad payers without assignment of their salary or a credit financial credit. In the situation in which the company that leads to it is not possible to achieve our own ‘credit record’ which it needed and not only.

What to do if you send my debt to a collection office?

If you have a very late debt, be careful! Besides that you are making a bad credit history, the company that lent you can ask for support from a collection office, which will start an annoying cycle of attention calls.

If you send your debt to a collection office, the first thing is to verify it and then negotiate with your new creditors. We explain how.


What is and how does a collection office work?

What is and how does a collection office work?

A collection office, or legal office, is an agency of lawyers, accountants and / or administrators, which has the slogan of recovering debts due from thousands of clients. Past due loans refer to the indebtedness of people who requested a credit card, a loan or other type of credit and, for some reason, they could not catch up on their payments, becoming delinquent clients.

Sometimes, when the company that grants the loan can not recover its capital, it asks for collection offices, the collection and recovery of these overdue portfolios; It is your right to do so. It can also happen that these collection agencies buy the expired portfolios for a minimum amount, and become the “new” owners of the debt to whom, from that moment, we should pay them.

When a collection office pursues the payment, you should know that your debt is still valid, only now you must negotiate with them, and most likely your debt has changed ownership.


When and how can they sell or transfer my debt to a collection office?

debt collection

There are two big cases that you can face with the collection offices. First, that a lender, for example a bank, calls a collection agency to recover the money, but the bank remains the owner of the debt; and then, the office is only dedicated to charge and be an intermediary for the bank.

The second scenario is that the lender, for example a department store, transfers or sells the past due portfolio, after three months of delay in the agreed payments. In this case, debts “change ownership” and we must confirm exactly who we should pay now.

The new creditors can propose negotiations to improve your record, reduce or settle the debt (deductions), but the recommendation of the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services, Cordusen is:

  1. First, verify that the debt is no longer the bank or the original company, because if it is still the debt owned by them, and we accept a discount on the debt, we run the risk that the collection office does not properly report the payments and agreements; while the debt increases.
  2. To check if your debt changed from “owner”, check your credit history in credit bureau, here.
  3. Since the collection offices are not officially regulated financial entities, the ideal is to trace the background of the company and if you are going to negotiate a reduction in the debt with them, do it in front of a conciliator or with the tutoring of experts of Cordusen.
  4. In theory, after 90 days of delay in a payment, the debt can be “requested” through the support of collection offices, if the lender institution so requires.


How does the transfer of my debt affect my record in the credit bureau?

How does the transfer of my debt affect my record in the credit bureau?

You have to take into account that when you can not pay a loan, the delay is recorded in the credit bureau. If you transfer your debt to a collection office, the note in the bureau remains intact. And even if you liquidate the debt through a negotiation or a reduction, a negative status still appears, because for technical issues, the debt was not paid in full.

Remember that NOBODY can modify your credit bureau history , since it is only a record that shows the payment capacity with which you really count, the delay times, or if you definitely do not pay.

The negative history affects when requesting some other loan or credit, since all the institutions, are based primarily on it as a reference of our ability to borrow and pay.

Remember, collection or legal offices do not legally appear as institutions ruled by Cordusen or Protectos, and could surprise us with abuses. Try to try to settle the debt and if you reach agreements with them, make sure that there will be proof of the commitment, both with the original institution with which you acquired the debt, and with the office.

Settling our debts on time avoids paying interest on interest, and above all, prevents our debt falls into the hands of third parties. The collection offices can be a big headache with unexpected visits, unpleasant calls, and above all, the affectation to our daily tranquility.

Public debt rises to 99.4% of GDP in September, above the annual target

The debt of all public administrations closed September with an increase of $ 11.975 million and stood at 1.062 billion dollarss, according to the latest data from the Good Finance.

According to the calculations made by the Ministry of Economy from the advance of the third quarter GDP offered by the INE, the September public debt is already around 99.4% of GDP, more than half a point above the target for all the year, located at 98.7%.

Debt of public administrations


In this way, the debt of public administrations increases in September for the second consecutive month and so far this year has only been reduced during the months of April and July.

On a year-on-year basis, public debt rose 5.2% in September compared to 1.009 billion dollarss recorded by the debt of public administrations in the same month of the previous year.

Since the beginning of the economic crisis in 2008, the debt of all public administrations has not stopped growing and will do so in the whole of 2015, to begin to reduce from next year, according to estimates of the Government.

According to the Ministry of Economy, the current volume of debt is produced by the high inherited deficit, the mechanisms to help the autonomous communities, the recapitalization of the financial sector and the Spanish contribution to the rescue programs in Ireland, Portugal and Greece.



The bulk of the debt in the hands of public administrations is found in medium and long-term values, which account for more than two thirds of the total debt and explain most of the increase in public debt in September. These loans rose by 10,998 million dollarss compared to August, to 784,840 million dollarss, and in year-on-year terms they rebounded 7%.

Public debt


Along the same lines, public debt in short-term securities increased in September by 465 million dollarss, reaching 79,374 million. In year-on-year terms, short-term securities held by public administrations increased by 9.8%.

In September, unlike during the last seven months, non-commercial loans and the rest also increased, adding up to 513 million dollarss, reaching 198,258 million, but recorded a decrease of 2.9% compared to September 2014 .

With the objective of debt exceeded by the end of the year, the public administration in this country will not disburse two dollars.

The outstanding debt of the Treasury reaches 50,224 million in 2014

The strong recession in Spain has motivated that the outstanding debt of the Tax Agency has almost doubled since the beginning of the crisis in 2007 until 2014, when it has reached 50,224 million euros , 88.4% more than the 26,652 million registered in 2007, according to tax agency data collected by Europa Press.

In fact, since the beginning of the crisis, the debt detected by the Treasury but which has not yet been paid for various reasons has not stopped growing year after year and only in 2014 has practically stagnated, with a slight increase of 0.1% compared to to 50,174 million that reached the end of 2013 and that contrasts with the 3% increase of a year earlier.

Largest increase occurred between 2008 and 2009

money cash

The largest increase occurred between 2008 and 2009, when the outstanding debt rose from 30,425 million to 37,690 million, that is, more than 7,200 million euros in just one year.

These increases are due to the fact that the new debts have been surpassing those that have been canceled and, in addition, that they are of worse quality as a result of the crisis and, therefore, with a higher risk of default, although The year-on-year increase is getting smaller.

On the other hand, the Tax Agency explains that not all outstanding debt can be demanded from the taxpayer, since, for example, suspended debts are not enforceable until the suspension is lifted by resolution of the corresponding appeal or claim, as well as the bankruptcy debt and deferred debt, which cannot be collected until a default of the deferment occurs.


money cash

This means that although the Tax Agency was born today, it would close its first year of life with a significant outstanding debt: all related to living deferrals or those that were appealed in court, as exemplified by the tax agency headed by Santiago Menéndez.

Breaking down the 2013 data, the last of which detailed data are available, it is observed that the outstanding debt at the end of the year reached 50,174 million euros. The information provided by the Tax Agency shows that at the beginning of the year the debt amounted to 48,674 million, to which another 29,089 of new debt originated that year were added.

However, in 2013 the Treasury canceled outstanding debt in the amount of 27,589 million euros, although only 17,981 million were actually collected, since the other 9,608 million are counted as canceled but were not collected for various reasons.

Among them, 3,896 million were paid without charge for cancellation of settlements after court decisions in favor of taxpayers, as well as another 5,025 million for cases of insolvencies of debtors or 145 million euros more for prescription of debt. Other reasons explain the remaining 543 million that were canceled but not collected in 2013.

In this way, the debt that was canceled and effectively entered by the Tax Agency in 2013 (17,981 million) was less than 11,100 million lower than the new debt pending collection that was incorporated that same year (29,089 million).