The strong recession in Spain has motivated that the outstanding debt of the Tax Agency has almost doubled since the beginning of the crisis in 2007 until 2014, when it has reached 50,224 million euros , 88.4% more than the 26,652 million registered in 2007, according to tax agency data collected by Europa Press.

In fact, since the beginning of the crisis, the debt detected by the Treasury but which has not yet been paid for various reasons has not stopped growing year after year and only in 2014 has practically stagnated, with a slight increase of 0.1% compared to to 50,174 million that reached the end of 2013 and that contrasts with the 3% increase of a year earlier.

Largest increase occurred between 2008 and 2009

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The largest increase occurred between 2008 and 2009, when the outstanding debt rose from 30,425 million to 37,690 million, that is, more than 7,200 million euros in just one year.

These increases are due to the fact that the new debts have been surpassing those that have been canceled and, in addition, that they are of worse quality as a result of the crisis and, therefore, with a higher risk of default, although The year-on-year increase is getting smaller.

On the other hand, the Tax Agency explains that not all outstanding debt can be demanded from the taxpayer, since, for example, suspended debts are not enforceable until the suspension is lifted by resolution of the corresponding appeal or claim, as well as the bankruptcy debt and deferred debt, which cannot be collected until a default of the deferment occurs.


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This means that although the Tax Agency was born today, it would close its first year of life with a significant outstanding debt: all related to living deferrals or those that were appealed in court, as exemplified by the tax agency headed by Santiago Menéndez.

Breaking down the 2013 data, the last of which detailed data are available, it is observed that the outstanding debt at the end of the year reached 50,174 million euros. The information provided by the Tax Agency shows that at the beginning of the year the debt amounted to 48,674 million, to which another 29,089 of new debt originated that year were added.

However, in 2013 the Treasury canceled outstanding debt in the amount of 27,589 million euros, although only 17,981 million were actually collected, since the other 9,608 million are counted as canceled but were not collected for various reasons.

Among them, 3,896 million were paid without charge for cancellation of settlements after court decisions in favor of taxpayers, as well as another 5,025 million for cases of insolvencies of debtors or 145 million euros more for prescription of debt. Other reasons explain the remaining 543 million that were canceled but not collected in 2013.

In this way, the debt that was canceled and effectively entered by the Tax Agency in 2013 (17,981 million) was less than 11,100 million lower than the new debt pending collection that was incorporated that same year (29,089 million).